De Vos by Amber De Vos

Hello everybody, welcome to De Vos by Amber De Vos! If you’re wondering who Amber is, well, that’s me!

I am a celebrity and art photographer turned fashion designer. What does that mean? Well, I spent the last 14 years behind the camera in the studio, at amazing events and shooting out on the street.

But that about a year ago, I decided to turn to fashion design. Why? Well, much like you I love wearing leggings more than any other pants I own! But all the pairs I had about a year ago were either boring black or only fit to wear in the gym.

I wanted more variety to my closet, but when I started shopping around for something more stylish, all I could find was more fitness options, more black, or if there was something with patterns, they were more suitable for clubbing than elegant cocktail parties. 

And forget about any of them being versatile enough to wear all day or go along with anything in my closet.

If, I did find something truly fashionable, it would it cost an arm and a leg and thus I'd never dare sweat in it…...

Where were the leggings that were comfortable AND stylish? Wearable in the gym AND on the street?

So, honestly out of frustration more than anything else, I decided to combine my talents as an artist and a business owner to create a whole new line of clothing! A line that anyone stylish could wear, all day, in many different situations and that would make them feel exciting and appealing, instead of just fit.

Thus, I just spent the last year coming up with designs and developing prototypes that I personally loved! When I started wearing my first prototypes out and about, I turned so many heads and got so many compliments that I knew I had something that other people would really love too.

I guess the thing I really love about these designs, is that they’re engineered to be soooo flattering! What I mean is that….. I have a big butt that makes me feel self conscious sometimes and even if I find a good pair of leggings, sometimes I feel really vulnerable in them, that they show off too much and make me feel like I need to have a perfect figure to wear them.

But in De Vos, because the pants tell the story, the colors are so versatile and the patterns are so interesting, that other people end up noticing the clothes more than they notice my flaws. Even though it’s not perfect, I love hearing that I have a great butt!  

So, I am very proud to bring you this innovative brand. If you’re also someone who loves variety, versatility, looking foxy and saving money, I am here to save you from the monotony of all the boring products currently on the market.

What ultimately makes this brand different than all other "athleisure" options out there?

What's truly special about De Vos is that I have harnessed both my talents as an artist, and my passion for fashion and making people feel foxy (at first in front of my camera, and now in my designs)

All the legging and crop top designs are sublimations, which means my original photographs are printed directly onto fabric. So, you're literally wearing rare Art.

Now, now that I have 5 fantastic pairs, I love to wear everywhere with everything - I personally like to pair my De Vos with sweaters, blazers, sheer tops, sneakers and high heels. + the cute crop tops, tank tops and cropped hoodies? The possibilities are endless.