New Designs Are On Their Way!

I'm so excited to share with you that I have finally contracted with a new manufacturer in the heart of beautiful Los Angeles, California!

Based on some designs of some of my own favorite personal 'activewear' garments and thanks to some of the wonderful feedback I've gotten from current customers, I've completely restructured my pieces and they will be coming out towards the end of November, just in time for Holiday shopping.

They will feature a fabulous hidden tummy control panel, a hidden pocket to hold your basics and a ergonomic 'crotch panel' to help hide any dreaded 'crotch cleavage.'

In anticipation of the release of this new capsule collection, I will be sharing mock ups of the first of 4 of the photography-inspired designs and the brief stories behind them over the next couple weeks.

First. I'd like to introduce you to "Behind the Scenes":

This unique image comes from a 'behind-the-scenes' moment during Fall Fashion Week 2015 - we were all anxiously awaiting the start of the show, and many people were busily running around, putting the finishing touches on the runway and the seats for the audience. As I was flitting between the backstage, to capture models as they were getting made up and dressed in the new collection, and front of house, to see if any celebrities or other notable front row guests had yet arrived, I captured this quiet moment of anticipation.

I particularly love this design, not just for the story behind it, but also for the clever way the silhouettes of the moment fall onto your legs. It's more than just a photograph, but a 'trompe l'oeil' that makes it seem as if the wearer was sporting sexy (but chaste) thigh-high socks.

They're very flattering and very forgiving, making them perfect for any body type.

I already have a pair of the prototype of these and cannot tell you how many occasions I've been able to wear them - cocktail parties, art openings, date nights, and a even a fashion show just to name a few (and not yet once to the gym!)

They go great with everything, especially black sheer button up tops, cropped sweaters, oversize sweaters, and any luxurious top that has a complimentary color, like white, black, blue, green orange and even red and they can be worn with boots, heels, flats and sandals.

Available too with the new collection will be a corresponding bralette, yummy-textured tank tops and a cropped hoodie.