Check out this sexy upcoming design!

Here it is, yet another De Vos by Amber De Vos design that was inspired by an experience at a New York City Fashion Show.

This photo-inspired design, which I like to call "Peek-a-Boo" is another clever trick of the eye that is sure to have all eyes watching you as you stroll past.

What appears to be a skin-revealing cut, is revealing skin, but not in the way you think. While you, the wearer, remains completely covered, the original photograph is of one of the most fantastic pair of cut-out, knee-high boots I've ever seen.

If you look closely at the calf of the left leg, you will see her toes peeking seductively out of the tip of the boot.

This moment happened during a La Perla Fashion Presentation, 2013. The models, while they looked fantastic, weren't really wearing much more!

I also really love that this pair is monochromatic, which makes it easy to pair with any color! If you wear a cropped top, be prepared to stop traffic with this sexy trompe l'oeil, or when you wear with a longer top, leaving the peeking to imagination, you'll look elegant and chic.

These will go great with an oversized sweater, thick over-the-boot socks, and a chunky heel boot as footwear for the upcoming winter months.


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